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About Me

Let's explore the great outdoors!

I’m a 50-year-old African American mother, wife, retired police officer, entrepreneur, role model, and mentor. Born and raised in Brooklyn, East New York, I grew up playing on concrete streets and was afraid of grass the first time I was exposed to it. Grass wasn’t a norm in my low-income poverty-stricken neighborhood.


In 2017, my husband and I purchased a travel trailer and began camping. We fell in love with outdoors and recently purchased a waterfront property In Northern Neck, VA. Who would’ve thought a city girl like myself would fall in love with the outdoors? My hobbies include fishing, kayaking, crabbing, boating, jet skiing and shooting.  As I have shared my outdoor adventures on social media, my following and friends are amazed and often express their interest in wanting a taste of the “Rivah Life".  

I launched Rivah Sistah in summer of 2021! 


My Mission:
I am committed to helping my followers and their families
improve their overall health and well being by engaging in an array of outdoor activities. 

Let's Partner

Fists in Solidarity

Big Brands:

Help me to Help others!

Are you a big brand looking to help a small brand expand? 

Click here to check to find out the benefits of allowing me to be your brand ambassador. 

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Rivah Sistah Affiliate Circle

Calling all small business owners, entrepreneurs and hobbyist. Do you have a product or service related to outdoor activities, seafood or nature? Let’s partner and expand your brand by showcasing your genius to my thousands of followers.  

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